Burns Road Kay Romeo Juliet Drama Pakistani

Audiences have been longing for Iqra Aziz’s amazing performances in Pakistani dramas. But now, after taking a break, she’s back with the same enthusiasm to delight her fans. And this time, she’s teaming up with the up-and-coming talent, Hamza Sohail, who is currently her favorite. Together, they’re starring in the drama series “Burns Road Kay Romeo Juliet”. This article has all the latest updates on the cast, story, OST, and more for the drama.


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Story of Drama Burns Road Kay Romeo Juliet

The story revolves around Farhad, also known as Romeo, and Freeya, also known as Juliet, portrayed by Hamza Sohail and Iqra Aziz. Farhad is a bold and adventurous young man who falls for the confident and spirited Freeya. As their love story unfolds, society’s harsh judgments threaten to tear them apart. The drama follows their journey, questioning whether they will overcome societal pressures or succumb to them. Initially starting as a charming romantic comedy, viewers witness Iqra Aziz in a role reminiscent of Ajiya from Suno Chanda, while Hamza Sohail showcases a daring new persona. However, the storyline of Burns Road Kay Romeo and Juliet takes a dramatic turn, evolving into a tragic tale of love with a glimmer of hope for a happy ending.                                                                 Cast of the drama

Cast of the drama Burns Road Kay Romeo Juliet

  • Iqra Aziz,
  • Hamza Sohail,
  • Shabbir Jan,
  • Khalid Anum,
  • Raza Samoo,
  • Zainab Qayyum,
  • Samhan Ghazi,
  • Hira Umar,
  • Shaheera Jalil Alb

Crew Of the drama Burns Road Kay Romeo Juliet

  • Director: Fajr Raza
  • Writer: Parisa Siddiqui

Release Date of the drama Burns Road Kay Romeo Juliet

Coming Soon

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