Dao Pakistani Drama Episode 23

Dao Episode 23 – Atiqa Odho – Haroon Shahid – Kiran Haq – 26th March 2024

Episode 23 of the thrilling drama ‘Dao’ delves deeper into the intricate web of mysteries and conflicts surrounding the characters. As tensions escalate and secrets unravel, viewers are in for a captivating and suspenseful ride. Don’t miss out on the latest twists and turns Dao Pakistani Drama Episode 23

 Dao Drama of Story

In Episode 23 of “Dao,” things get even more exciting as the characters face tough challenges and big surprises. Old secrets come out, causing a lot of drama and changing how people see each other. Everyone’s feelings are intense as conflicts come to a head, keeping viewers glued to their screens. The story gets more complicated with every surprise,

Even though Almaas presents herself as a caring mother who has overcome many obstacles for her own children, her greed makes her mistreat children from other families, ignoring the idea of karma.


Driven by greed, Almaas arranges a marriage between her friend’s son, Saad, and the innocent Nisha. But Saad turns out to be cruel, making

Nisha’s life a nightmare. When Aaliyan, Nisha’s brother, finds out about Saad’s abuse and Almaas’s involvement, he vows to seek revenge for his sister’s suffering.

Will Almaas face consequences for her dishonesty? Can Aaliyan get justice for his sister? Will Almaas manage to escape Aaliyan’s revenge plot? And how will Almaas’s children be affected by her actions? Dao Pakistani Drama Episode 23

Writer of Dao

Producers: Abdullah Kadwani & Asad Qureshi
Writer: Sameena Aijaz
Director: Ali Akbar

 Cast of Drama

  • Atiqa Odho as Almaas
  • Haroon Shahid as Aaliyan
  • Kiran Haq as Sumbul
  • Arez Ahmed as Asim
  • Ayesha Rajpoot as Neha
  • Seemi Pashah as Abida
  • Ayesha Gul as Nuzhat
  • Yasir Shoro as Saad
  • Ellie Zaid as Amber
  • Salma Asim as Amna
  • Memoona Qudoos as Nisha
  • Yasir Alam as Affi
  • Neha Malik as Rida
  • Malaika Riaz as Neelam

  Date and Time

26th March 2024

08:00 pm

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