Gemini hair 2023 The latest trend in hairstyles

Ever heard of the Gemini hair color trend? Why it is only the hottest new hairstyle trend of 2023. The web has been raging over this haircut, as druggies scroll down TikTok to find numerous unique and bold takes on this flashy hair trend. Keep on reading to find out further about the Gemini hair color and discover 15 stunning takes on the rearmost 2023 haircut!

What’s the Gemini hair color?

Gemini hair 2023: The latest trend in hairstyles

Hair trends2023_orange and red split dyeView in gallery the Gemini hair color is a two-tone hair coloring fashion. This means that the hair is bepainted in two different colors that are separated by a line in the middle of the head. You can also be a part of the trend by just combining two different colors in a balayage or bastard, but the split- color is the most popular right now. The name comes from the astrological sign Gemini, which represents halves, hence two colors for your hair. This haircut is a great way to make a statement and stand out from the crowd. The two-tone look allows you to experiment with different colors and combine them in a unique way. Let’s give you some outstanding takes on the haircut to get you inspired!


Gemini blue and pink hair color blue

Gemini hair 2023: The latest trend in hairstyles

songster Kesha’s Gemini blue and pink haircut dates back to 2013, but due to the rising fashionability of the hair trend in 2023, this particular choice of the two-toned hair color has been getting a lot of attention. fluently achieved by blondes, but for brunettes, the blue and pink split- color will bear further heavy bleaching.

Red and bobby balayage hairstyle

Gemini hair 2023: The latest trend in hairstyles

If you aren’t one for trying the split color, why not conclude with a swish two-toned balayage? Rusty hair color tones are presently in, and this fabulous red and bobby balayage is one to prove it! And plus, these tones are closer to the natural hair bones, so if you want to be part of the Gemini hair trend, but not go over the top, go with the more subtle balayage look.

Gemini golden and pink hair color

Gemini hair 2023: The latest trend in hairstyles
What is your study on Nicki Minaj’s fab Barbie golden and pink Gemini hair? You just have to really want it. This haircut would be perfect for the summer, wouldn’t you say?

Salt and pepper split color

Gemini hair 2023: The latest trend in hairstyles

Speaking of perfect hairstyles, why not combine two major hair trends in one? You heard me! The swab and pepper hair trend has been huge over the last many times, and there are no signs that it’s going down anytime soon.

Gemini brown to pink balayage hair

As more people become intrigued by the trendy Gemini hair colors, the brown-to-pink balayage style has gained significant popularity. Many women with naturally brown hair are curious about trying something new. Choosing a strawberry balayage, similar to the example shown here, can create an impressive look for brunettes. It’s definitely worth considering! Embrace the charm of the brown-to-pink balayage trend and try a stunning strawberry variation on your natural brunette hair.

Skunk stripe two-toned hair color

Just like the money piece highlights, the skunk stripe is a cool part of the Gemini hair trend. Lots of girls are showing off this two-color style online. You don’t have to choose only blonde for the stripe – you can pick any color you want, following the Gemini style!

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