New Pakistani Drama ‘Sultanat’ Lestant

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Dive into the compelling narrative of the latest Pakistani drama, “Sultanat,” as it weaves a tale of power, intrigue, and ambition. Join the journey of characters as they navigate through the complex dynamics of royalty and society in this captivating series. New Pakistani Drama ‘Sultanat’ Lestant


 New Drama of Sultanat Story

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“Sultanat” is a Pakistani drama that revolves around the intricacies of power, ambition, and the complexities of royal life in a fictional kingdom. The story unfolds against the backdrop of a majestic palace and a kingdom embroiled in political intrigue, personal rivalries, and clandestine affairs.

At the heart of the narrative is the ruling family, led by the wise and benevolent Sultan, who is determined to uphold the traditions and values of the Sultanate while navigating the challenges posed by external threats and internal conflicts.

The Sultan’s family includes his loyal wife, the elegant and compassionate Sultanah, and their children – the ambitious Crown Prince, the spirited Princess, and the youngest, a free-spirited prince with a penchant for adventure. Each member of the royal family grapples with their own desires, responsibilities, and struggles as they navigate the complexities of royal life.

Outside the palace walls, the kingdom is teeming with characters from all walks of life – from scheming courtiers and power-hungry nobles to humble villagers and fearless warriors. Amidst the political machinations and power struggles, love blossoms in unexpected places, forging unlikely alliances and testing the bonds of loyalty New Pakistani Drama ‘Sultanat’ Lestant

As the story unfolds, viewers are drawn into a world of palace intrigues, forbidden romance, and epic battles, where every decision has far-reaching consequences. Through triumphs and tribulations, the characters must confront their deepest fears, face their inner demons, and make sacrifices for the greater good of the Sultanate.

With its rich tapestry of characters, gripping plot twists, and lush cinematography, “Sultanat” promises to captivate audiences and take them on an unforgettable journey into the heart of a kingdom where power, love, and destiny collide

Writer of Drama

Composition: Hassan Ali
Director: Shah Hussain
Producer: MD Productions
Writer: Noor Ul Huda Shah


 Date and Time

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