How can I stop sexual thoughts and clean my mind?

How can I stop sexual thoughts and clean my mind? Every time you’ll get sexual thoughts,push-ups. Or pull-ups. Or any other exercise. Do it until you’re completely tired and you’ll have no energy for sexy fantasies. That’s what worked for me. How can I stop sexual thoughts and clean my mind?

How can I clear my mind from obsessive sexual thoughts and porn?
I’m a 20-year-old woman and I can’t stop thinking about sex. It’s all I can think about. I have no one to do it with, so it’s not like I can unleash it; and making myself cum is getting old. Is this normal?
I’m female and 26 and constantly horny. I’m obsessed with riding a dick and think about sex all the time. What’s up with me?
I am 22-year-old virgin male. I am not able to concentrate on my work. Every time, I get diverted towards sex thoughts which makes me watch sex videos and masturbate. Is it common, or is my mind getting bad thoughts?
Sex is always on my mind. I can’t do or think anything properly. It is disturbing me mentally and physically. How can I get over this state of mind?

How can I stop sexual thoughts and clean my mind?

how to get ride of bad thought

simple ways to stop sexual rgoughts….

  1. note the time when your thoughts is changing… becoz most of them are trigged sexual think when one is have lot of free times.. so keep yourself too busy…
  2. write down a disadvantages of sexual toughts (like.. stamina loss,memory loss,look like a lazy guy and loss of confidant etc..,)
  3. read books.. to keep your mind relas and fill of positive thoughts
  4. do meditation morning and evening to erase negetive thoughts in your mind
  5. don’t watch porn movies
  6. do exercise daily to improve your stamina
  7. fill your free time to some creativity like drawing ,hearing some favourate songs bike riding

 People would tell just masturbate few times but the real thing is these thoughts come to our minds anyways, while we are excited or feeling normal. It could pop out just out of a sudden. Always know that the best responses are not from wise people but mostly from people with experience. For some people”some are even reading this” masturbation is a life threatening exercise. It damages greatly the personality, your thinking, your productive life, then eventually it destroys your whole life.”no kidding” as for some people it damages a little but it’s different from a person to another. I have reached to one solution, which is total forbiddance. No masturbating.How?

No porn. No looking at cute girls butts. No to anything sexual, even intimate kissing scenes. The point out of all of this especially for guys is not get hard. Understand your position in life, and plan then work your ass for your dreams, starting from now. Focus your self to productivity, even if it costs you all your day time and energy. Now, this last sentence was kind of a trick, or more like a fact. That when you cut your bad habits and start going better, you’re programmed that those dirty stuff and thoughts you were going with were holding your back all along. And letting them all go is what making you a beyyer person. That’s how you convince yourself that i am really doing the right thing “though you’re doing the right thing” and i will keep doing it as i am a happy productive ,better person today. The second advice is, to talk to the opposite sex like you’re talking to a creature, and not a cute or hot girl. Don’t plant in your mind omg she’s pretty or hot i am feeling excited, rather talk normal and convince yourself she’s / he’s nothing but an image and i will talk like it’s no big deal then ignore the whole thing, because these little stuff are what result in being worse. By time, all of this can change. Give it A try.

First thing one need to know this thoughts are natural if you are free and do not have much works to do. If you are a busy folks it will come and go but if not,it’s images in HD, 3D will be retained in mind and kill your other dreams.

I assume you have so much of time or you are consuming time from other of any of your work(s).

Steps to avoid such fantasy.

  1. Wake up early in the morning and go for gym or running or jogging for hour(s). How much you can afford?
  2. Get your schedule and make a time table and be strict on it.
  3. Still time left then add some other hobby.
  4. Get go out from home or where you live. Travel
  5. Read some success story how focus person achieve things that normal people try to achieve.
  6. Busy yourself in some works even if it is unproductive until you refocus on your real ambition.

lastly if anybody can not get rid of these kinds of thoughts then, monetized it through writing and blogging in some sex fantasy or even go for and be a porn star or director, producer, or any role you think is honorable and feel. Perhaps your thoughts may bring many creative ideas to the industry.

Some of Common Points need to Know. How can I stop sexual thoughts and clean my mind?

It’s important to understand that sexual thoughts are a natural and normal part of human sexuality. However, if you feel that these thoughts are causing you distress or interfering with your daily life, there are some strategies you can try to manage them. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Acceptance and normalization: Recognize that sexual thoughts are a normal part of being human. Trying to completely eliminate all sexual thoughts may be unrealistic and may cause more stress. Instead, focus on accepting these thoughts as passing mental events.
  2. Mindfulness meditation: Practice mindfulness meditation to develop awareness of your thoughts without judgment. By observing your thoughts without becoming entangled in them, you can create a sense of detachment and reduce their impact on your mind.
  3. Redirect your attention: When sexual thoughts arise, consciously redirect your attention to something else. Engage in activities that require mental focus or concentration, such as reading, working, exercising, or pursuing hobbies.
  4. Physical activity: Regular exercise can help reduce anxiety and stress levels, which in turn may decrease the intensity or frequency of sexual thoughts. Consider incorporating physical activity into your routine to promote a healthier mindset.
  5. Establish a routine: Engage in activities that keep your mind occupied and focused throughout the day. By creating a structured routine, you may find that you have less idle time for your mind to wander into sexual thoughts.
  6. Cognitive reframing: Challenge negative or distressing thoughts associated with sexual thinking. Replace them with more positive or neutral thoughts. Remember, thoughts do not define you, and you have the power to choose how you respond to them.
  7. Seek support: If you’re finding it difficult to manage your thoughts on your own, consider seeking support from a therapist or counselor. They can provide guidance and help you develop coping strategies specific to your situation.

Remember that everyone’s experience is unique, and what works for one person may not work for another. It’s essential to be patient with yourself and practice self-compassion as you navigate these thoughts. If these thoughts become overwhelming or cause significant distress, it’s important to consult with a mental health professional for personalized advice.

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