Khaie Drama Pakistani

  Khaie Episode 27 – Digitally Presented by Sparx Smartphones – 20th March 2024

This captivating Pakistani drama unfolds against the breathtaking backdrop of the northern areas, weaving a tale of revenge, tradition, and family conflicts.

Summary: The ancient Pashtoon tradition of “khaie” involves wiping out an entire rival family’s male members to prevent future retaliation. Dervish Khan (portrayed by Noor ul Hassan) returns to his hometown after years of exile, hoping to bring peace and end the cycle of violence. However, his attempts to reconcile with rival patriarch Duraab Khan (played by Khalid Butt) face resistance, particularly from Duraab’s eldest son, Chinaar Khan (Faisal Qureshi), who is known for his debauchery. The feud intensifies when Zamda (played by Dur-e-Fishan), Dervish’s daughter, becomes embroiled in the conflict, leading to a dramatic and bloody confrontation reminiscent of the infamous “Red Wedding” from Game of Thrones. Khaie Drama Pakistani

  Khaie Drama Story

In episode 27 of the drama “Khaie,” tensions between rival families escalate as Dervish Khan, played by Noor ul Hassan, attempts to reconcile with his rival, Duraab Khan, portrayed by Khalid Butt. However, their efforts are thwarted by Duraab’s son, Chinaar Khan, played by Faisal Qureshi, who continues to resist peace. The feud intensifies, focusing on Dervish’s daughter, Zamda, portrayed by Dur-e-Fishan, leading to a dramatic confrontation. Viewers can expect gripping scenes as the storyline unfolds further


This story is a tale of revenge set against the backdrop of the ancient

tradition of Khaie, where the male members of an enemy family are wiped out to end their lineage. At the heart of this feud are Darwesh Khan, Duraab Khan, and his son Channar Khan, with Darwesh’s daughter Zamdaa bearing the brunt of the conflict.

Haunted by his father’s murder by Duraab Khan, Darwesh seeks peace to end the cycle of hatred. However, doubts arise about his intentions for peace, leading to tensions between the families. Despite Darwesh’s sincere efforts for reconciliation, a tragic incident during a celebration at his home brings immense suffering to Zamdaa and her family.Khaie Drama Pakistani

Will Zamdaa succumb to her enemies? If not, will she be able to seek revenge for her family? Will Zamdaa find allies in her quest, or will she face her enemies alone?

  Drama  Writer

Written By: Saqlain Abbas
Directed By: Syed Wajahat Hussain
Produced By: Abdullah Kadwani & Asad Qureshi
Production House: 7th Sky Entertainment


  • Faysal Quraishi as Channar Khan
  • Durefishan Saleem as Zamdaa
  • Khalid Butt as Duraab Khan
  • Noor ul Hassan as Darwesh
  • Uzma Hassan as Gul Wareen
  • Laila Wasti as Bareera
  • Osama Tahir as Badal
  • Shuja Asad as Barlas
  • Mah-e-Nur Haider as Apana
  • Shamyl Khan as Gulab Khan
  • Hina Bayat as Bakhtawar
  • Saba Faisal as Husn Bano
  • Javed Jamal as Badshah Khan
  • Nabeel Zuberi as Pamir
  • Hassan Noman as Shanawar

   Release Date and Time

Episode  27

20th March 2024

at 8:00 PM


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